Point 3 Security

It takes a human.™

Since its inception in 2014, Point3 Security, Inc. has continued to disrupt the cybersecurity and defense education industry by dismantling the traditional classroom education model, and developing a gamified, proven, challenge-based ecosystem.

Escalate™ introduces hands-on-keyboard challenges which mentor, train, and teach members master tradecraft to malware reverse engineering, network security, disk and memory forensics, vulnerability research, offensive and defensive operations, and operational software development — skills sought by the U.S. Government, and equally rewarded in the private/commercial sector through immediate senior level salary, job security, and job satisfaction.

Unlike participants in expensive cyber boot-camp gimmicks, and generic cybersecurity certificate curriculums riddling the net, Escalate™ members continue to be identified as the gold-standard of the cybersecurity and defense industry by government agency recruiters, and commercial sector head-hunters.

Our award-winning method is recognized. The success of our members is measured and proven. Our process is validated. Point3 Security Inc. didn’t just challenge the industry standard; it redefined it.

We are hackers. We are solvers. We are teachers. We are Point3 Security, Inc.